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Ceramic bowls (COMING SOON!!!)

Ceramic bowls (COMING SOON!!!)

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Bowls made by hand by our craftsmen in Morocco.

Each bowl ceramic Kēlb being made by hand, i t is possible that there are variations in color. Each bowl is unique.

They exist in 2 sizes:

Diameter: 14 cm - Height: 7 cm

Diameter: 20 cm - Height: 7 cm

🐕 Our accessories are designed for dogs of all sizes. The size guide can be found in the main menu in the "Products" tab --> "SIZE GUIDE". Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions ♡

⚠️ As each Kēlb product is handmade, your item may be a few millimeters larger or smaller than the indicated measurement. We do our best to guide you through our size guide but, as a precaution, choose a measurement that leaves room for manoeuvre. Bear with us 😇, that's the magic of craftsmanship.


Ceramic (red clay)
Emerald green enamel


SMALL: Diameter: 14 cm - Height: 7 cm. LARGE: Diameter: 20 cm - Height: 7 cm

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