Care instructions

How do I care for my Kēlb collar ?

To soften and waterproof leather, there's nothing like olive oil! Apply the oil using a soft cloth and rub in small circular motions on the leather, taking care to avoid getting it on the Berber carpet.

The Berber carpet decoration can be cleaned with a small brush dipped in water with a little mild soap, such as Marseille soap.

If the collar has been in contact with salt water, rinse it with fresh water and dry it at room temperature, avoiding direct contact with the sun.

How do I maintain my Kēlb basket ?

Kēlb baskets are hand woven by our artisans in Morocco and are 100% cotton.

Start by removing the basket. Vacuum dog hair and shake the cover to remove dust. Then put the cover of the basket in the washing machine (30°) but we recommend that you do not put it in the dryer. Instead, let it air dry.

How do I maintain my Kēlb bowls ?

Kēlb bowls are ceramic bowls made and painted by hand by our artisans in Morocco.

We recommend washing in cold water + dish soap until you feel no more deposits in the bowl to the touch. Without forgetting the outside and the edges of the bowl . Rinse with hot water to thoroughly remove soap residue. Drying in the open air.