Who are we ?

Kēlb is above all and above all a great love story with dogs ♡

Behind Kēlb hides Alexia, Sébastien and Nine , our little French Bulldog who is heading straight for her 11th birthday.

Nine is so much more than our dog! Nine is our best friend, our sidekick, our accomplice, our colleague, our roommate. Nine is quite simply the reason why we wanted to embark on this magnificent project.

Kēlb is a brand of 100% handcrafted dog accessories. Necklaces, baskets and bowls are entirely handmade, with love, by our artisans in Morocco. " Kēlb" means "Dog" in Romanized Arabic, a nod to the love we have for this country and its unique craftsmanship.

At Kēlb we want to highlight the beauty of manual manufacturing, the slow and patient work of the material, the resulting irregularities, which give the creations of our craftsmen an extra soul.

At Kēlb, we have the mad desire to make all dogs even more beautiful and even more unique than they already are.